Building out Military Rings .com - All Made In The USA is now owned and operated by a US Veteran owned custom jewelry business. Our goal is to simply add value to your experience in obtaining outstanding designs, quality Made in the USA Military rings and fine jewelry.

We design and create each ring one at a time, military rings that you can proudly wear honoring your service to our country™.

We are adding our products to the website, it just takes time so we do appreciate your patience.

If you have design requests, questions, comments or other, please email us at: or course you can call us as well: 1-800-763-1896

Thank you and Semper Fi!

~Steve Hosie is owned by Custom Jewelers, LLC - a service disabled USMC Veteran owned small business and a custom jewelry business located out of Lakewood Colorado USA. Locally we are also known as Denver Jewelers.

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